This page provides help with the most common questions about our studio.

What should I bring with me?
A manuscript paper notebook


Your music book (details to be discussed in the first music lesson)

Your creativity

An open-mind

Your curiosity

A desire to learn piano

Where is the studio based?

We offer piano lessons in Chorlton at 63 New Barns Avenue, M21 7DB.

Do you organise concerts for the students?

Gasser Music Studio organises several concerts throughout the year. These concerts are not compulsory but are a great opportunity for our students to share their progress with their friends and loved ones. Concerts typically take place in venues with grand pianos such as the RNCM, churches, and music studios.

Do you help prepare students for exams?

Our teachers are happy to help and support you towards achieving fantastic marks in their exams if that is their wish. There are at least 3 mock exams before the official exam.

The teachers are writing feedback, as well as offering advice for the exams.

While some students are thrilled by the idea of public performances and exams, other prefer to play the piano for themselves and their friends only! There is no right and wrong and our teachers are always happy to support each and every one of our students.