Winter Concert 2021


 After 2 years of online concerts, we finally celebrated our students and their amazing hard-work together, face-to-face, on 18th of December.

The concert took place at Cross Street Chapel and we could not be any prouder of all our students! Congratulations to the performers and many thanks to the teachers, parents, friends and families who supported our amazing students throughout this year.

We also celebrated together the fantastic exam results that took place throughout the year:

Prep Test: Maya, Siholm, Silone, Mia, Ana, Debbie, Georgia
Grade 1: Liz, Sarah, Marc, Mike, Wen
Grade 2: Holly, Peggy
Grade 3: Millie
Grade 4: Theodora, Faye, Arron, Emily
Grade 5: Emily (both in piano and music theory), Tim (piano and music theory), John (music theory)
Grade 6: John
Grade 7: Rindra, Angelica
Grade 8: Rindra

As always our students received amazing comments praising their confidence, musicality and sensitivity while playing the piano. The marks received (Merits and Distinctions) reflect not only their hard-work, but also their dedication and enthusiasm. 

The concert was a success and all our performers played beautifully, from carols and nursery rhymes to Chopin and Mozart! Big, well-deserved congratulations to everyone involved. See you all in 2022!